Dealing with Dyslexia

‘Dealing with Dyslexia – the Parent’s Guide’ is a new project; I have produced four short videos so far and some detailed notes trying to help parents who are struggling to deal with their childrens’ reading problems which may or may not be dyslexia.

There will be a Facebook page to introduce the project as well; once I have completed it I will post details here.

I started this project about three years ago, but I have been ill with cancer and there is no budget. I am financing it by myself.

I have made the videos under my own steam because I want to help parents and children who have to struggle with this problem.

It is heart-breaking, how difficult it is for youngsters who may be really intelligent and talented but who can’t master the supposedly simple, fundamental tasks of reading/writing and spelling.

I have just started a Twitter feed (@DealingWithDyslexia) and will start to promote the whole enterprise on the internet from now on. Please pass the word and get people to help themselves by talking about all this – dyslexia is real, it’s a major problem for young people and the more parents or concerned adults know about it, the better their children will do.

If these videos and my notes help you, please tell me all about it. That’s all I want.

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