If your child has reading difficulties, a little known eye problem may be causing them.

It’s called TRACKING.

Tracking problems are not the same as dyslexia. In some children, especially boys, the muscles of the eyes don’t work precisely enough to read fluently and accurately and distinguish each letter and spot the front and end of each word.

Your child may not be able to see a*l th* le*te*s *n wo*d* cl*arl*

Your child may not be see to able to see to words all the a in in a sentence order in the right

Tracking problems do not show up in ordinary eye tests. Children with perfect sight can find it very difficult to read.

Because reading and writing are so crucial at school – even at pre-school – your child may suffer seriously if you and your child’s teachers don’t realise what is happening and do something about it.

The child may become very unhappy and frustrated if he or she can’t read or write fluently when other children of the same age can. A bright child who can’t read feels like a fool and may turn against education completely because of a relatively minor sight problem.

If you think this may be happening to your child, have a look through the comments and materials here in this blog – it’s meant to help you and it’s free for you to use, copy or download.

It offers advice and anecdotes about experience with tracking problems and some possible contacts and references and details of useful web-sites.

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