The Author

The author is a retired film-maker, teacher and writer who was asked to help a friend’s son, then aged 8, who had reading difficulties:-

It turned out that these reading difficulties were partly caused by tracking problems. The child’s eyes were unable to ‘fixate’, that is to settle on a letter or a word without wandering. He couldn’t see what he was supposed to be reading at all. He had, as his specialist put it, ‘very wobbly eyes’.

After two years, the child’s problems had been mitigated (not cured) by eye exercises and the author of this blog  became very concerned about how little parents and teachers knew about tracking and how little help is available.

Searching Google with the words ‘tracking + reading problems’ produces nearly a million references but few simple guides to what tracking problems are and how they can be recognized, assessed and dealt with. That’s what this blog. is about – an attempt to give some simple advice that might help to prevent the harm that happened to this one little boy and the deep unhappiness that it caused to his parents, who are my friends.

The text of this whole blog is less than 20 pages long at the moment.

Download and keep a copy for reference if it helps. Add your comments and criticisms, if you want, because they may help others. Thanks for reading it.

2 Responses to The Author

  1. Carol Andersen Ballard says:

    I am a special education teacher in Florida and I am making copies of this blog to share with teachers at my school. As an ESE teacher, I am aware of tracking problems but not all general education teachers understand what is happening. Thank you so much for writing this. I hope it will help educators in my district. I have often seen students misdiagnosed with dyslexia to find out that it is a tracking problem and not true dyslexia. Once we know what the specific problem is, then we can target specific exercises, strategies, and accommodations to help the child. Thanks again for sharing this!
    Carol Andersen Ballard

  2. Carol, thank you – I very much hope it will help.

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