Dealing with Dyslexia

‘Dealing with Dyslexia’ is a new project; I aim to produce six or more videos and a short book trying to help parents who are struggling to deal with reading problems or dyslexia.

A Facebook friend from New Zealand posted this recently:

“There are apparently several techniques available to overcome dyslexia. My mother used to give individual tutoring both checking left/right coordination and lessons using ‘whole word’ recognition which are very useful. Dyslexia can be beaten with the right attention and training.”

I don’t disagree but I posted the following:

Dyslexia a spectrum disorder and definitely NOT ‘one cure/remedy or system fits all’. That makes it very difficult for the schools, the teachers and the specialists.
My aim is to help parents work out what’s best for their particular children and what approach will work best in co-ordinating/liaising with schools and working round the exam systems and endless tests that pass for education nowadays.
It’s quite a challenge. 
If you care about dyslexia, live in London and want to know more about it, come along to a viewing – the first video will be less than 10 minutes long and then I will try to answer any questions I can about dyslexia and how to help young dyslexics and their parents to manage our very inflexible school system and our rigid exam requirements.

Send your email address to me at:

or leave it in the comments here.

I will be in touch.


When I set up this web-site, in 2010, I wanted to draw attention to reading problems caused by tracking disorders, not dyslexia. You can see how I started it below and can follow what I discovered and published on the other pages of this web-site.

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